The Delta Centre is the national resource centre for accessibility and social inclusion, within the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir). The primary objective of the Delta Centre is to enable people with disabilities to participate in society on equal terms with other citizens. The Delta Centre contributes to achieve government targets for increased accessibility and universal design, in both digital solutions and built environment. 

Therefore, the centre’s employees possess a wide-ranging interdisciplinary competence with emphasis on technical subjects  and social science.

The Delta Centre is governed by a mandate given by the Ministry of Children and Equality.  This mandate, together with the annual funding allocation letter, indicates the centre's objectives, as well as the scope of and guidelines for its activities.

A central part of the Delta Centre’s work is to obtain and apply knowledge on universal design.  The centre’s target audiences are both the public and private sector, that have a responsibility to contribute to universal design in their areas. This includes governmental agencies, municipalities, private service providers, planners, etc.

Ongoing work

The centre coordinates the work on national indicators for universal design, which implies close collaboration with various authorities about their data and possible indicators. From 2016 the centre coordinates the Ministry’s action plan for universal design.

The Delta Centre is responsible for following up municipal and county advisory boards, warranted by the “Act on Councils and other representation in Municipalities and Counties for Persons with Disabilities (Act No. 21 of 15 June 2007)”

The centre organise several networks, bringing together different stakeholders, from private and public sector, municipalities, education and research, and user organisations. Among these are networks within the building sector,  the public transport sector, and digital services.

In 2013 the Delta Centre was given control of a grant scheme aiming for projects about accessibility and universal design, and has given monetary support to a wide range of activities run by private as well as public bodies.

The Delta Centre contributes to other key players’ important work on accessibility and universal design. For many years the Delta Centre has contributed to national and international standardisation processes,  run by Standards Norway. The centre works with The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture on the design awards “Award for Design” and “Young Talents Award”, with “Design for all”-awards.  Also,  the centre contributes in evaluating project applications for the Research Council of Norway. 

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