What is Foreldrehverdag?

Foreldrehverdag provides advice that can be useful in your everyday parenting.  

There is no blueprint for parenting and no families are alike. Culture can play a big part in how one chooses to raise one’s children. Something we all have in common – regardless of culture, background or ethnicity – is that children’s basic needs are the same. Besides, we all want to be the best parents possible.

Foreldrehverdag knows that you are in the best position to understand your own family situation. Whether you are new in Norway or have been living here for a long time, raising children in a foreign country brings its own particular challenges. Therefore, we want to be a resource that can help you understand your children better and communicate with them about what they experience.

  • Giving you advice on children’s needs and their development
  • Helping you to become more aware and confident of your role as a parent
  • Providing you sound and quality-assured advice

Subtitles available in Norwegian, English and Polish. Select subs from the Youtube settings menu.

More about Foreldrehverdag

Foreldrehverdag is an offer from the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family (Bufdir) for all parents with children ages 0 – 18. Foreldrehverdag consists of articles, videos and podcasts on topics and challenges that parents face in their everyday life.

By thinking about what you really want for your children, what you feel is important to teach them and what you can convey from your own childhood and culture, you learn to see yourself from an outside-in perspective, while at the same time you get a deeper understanding of your children.

Foreldrehverdag is inspired by the International Child Development Program (ICDP), which is an internationally recognized program designed to support parents in their interaction with their children. Foreldrehverdag is developed in collaboration with experienced professionals and parents. The basic values of Foreldrehverdag  is  founded  on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Here you can find safe advice on the following topics: