Understanding your child's development 0-5 years

Your child relies on you as a mum or dad to feel secure and in order to develop. The youngest children express the want and need for contact with you in different ways - in step with their own development. 

Your child needs you to interpret their signals and to "respond" in a good way. Many people eagerly await the first smile, the first word, or the first steps. Be patient - they come when the child is ready.

You will quite quickly discover that a child is a small person with thoughts, feelings and with his own unique personality. It takes time to get to know and find out what your child wants, what it wants from you and how it reacts.

Children are as individually different as adults, so there is no golden rule that applies to every child's development. Neither is this a form of competition. Remember that there is a great variety and breadth in children's normal development. Some will be a little earlier – others a little later than average.

However, there are many common denominators. In the following, we give an overview of which developmental features are typical at different points in the child's first four years.

By learning and understanding more about where your child is in their development, you will be able to stimulate and meet the child where it needs you right now. 

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