Do you have questions about children and parenting that you would like to discuss with an expert or with other parents? Learn more about parental guidance and the International Child Development Programme (ICDP).

The people who matter most to a child’s development are its parents. It is therefore important that communication between child/teenager and parent is as good as possible.

Many parents would like to discuss issues relating to children and parenting with other parents and experts. If this applies to you, you can participate in a parental guidance group. Such groups can be found throughout the country.

The web site Foreldrehverdag gives you parenting advise you can trust

Parental guidance for immigrant parents – the International Child Development Programme (ICDP)

Parental guidance is tailored to the needs of immigrant families. The parental guidance scheme can help you as a parent become more conscious of your own cultural values and parenting style. We focus on how you can uphold these values here in Norway.

The programme focuses on your resources as a parent, not on faults or failures. This programme is largely group-based. A certified counselor leads the group, so that views and experiences can be shared in the best possible way.

Parental guidance groups for immigrant families are led by two counselors: one with the same immigrant background as you, and one Norwegian. The discussions are held primarily in your own native language.

Contact your local authority if you would like parental guidance.

You can also get information about the ICDP from the following:

  • Child health clinics
  • Preschool daycare centres
  • Family support centres
  • Educational psychology service (PPT) offices
  • Local authority child welfare offices
  • Schools